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First,thank you trust us and choose right service for you.we will do better more for your services.

now ,you can easy to pay for your new services and renewal it ,we use paypal business account to get your money ,You don't have any concerns.

if you have any question about this ,we are welcome your message and calling.

 USD Receiving Account (ACH)

Bank Name    Bank of America
Routing (ABA)    061000052
Account Number    00003508112453535
Account Type    CHECKING
Beneficiary Name    Wei Guo
Bank Name    First Century Bank
Routing (ABA)    061120084
Account Number    4014811478056
Account Type    CHECKING
Beneficiary Name    Wei Guo

EUR Receiving Account (SEPA)

Bank Name    Wirecard
IBAN    DE07512308006500067979
Bank Country    Germany
Beneficiary Name    Wei Guo

GBP Receiving Account (BACS)

Bank Name    Barclays
Sort Code    231486
Account Number    00026194
Beneficiary Name    Wei Guo

JPY Receiving Account (Zengin System)

Bank Name    Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
Bank Code    0005
Branch Code    804
Account Type    Savings / Futsu
Account Number    4924981
Beneficiary Name  ペイオニア ジヤパン(カ
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